FlowBack is a digital tool for decision making, polling, communication, information validation, transactions, employing and such - created by Kunlabori Ekonomisk Förening. The blue-white chat button on the top bar leads to the chat system, which needs another account than the FlowBack main page. While group calls work, one on one calls do not work yet. In order to be able to call you have to use the widget called jitsi (should be at the top of the chat page). We reserve that all accounts, all that is written and done on the chat page may be deleted when a finished version comes, where the FlowBack login will be used for the chat as well. Things that will be fixed and added on top of the chat:

1. All of the design will be improved.
2. Blockchain-integration will happen.
3. Being able to change groups without contacting flowbacks support ([email protected]).

All of the above is for 2022 at the latest, if you wish for this to happen sooner - donate to us - contact +46707159569 in these matters. To pay for a group it costs 100 kronor per month for a group smaller than 500 members, support is included, for more info about this and what the price is for a larger group contact the mentioned number. If any group wishes for specific functions not yet added, the group may pay for it's development. Note that all functions that are already developed will be available for any group on the platform. See the videos below to know how to use FlowBack and the chat:

FlowBack: what should change on FlowBack? - People's Media: how true is a certain news article? - People's Science: how true is a certain scientific article? - People's Court: is someone guilty of something bad and how do we, non violently, take action? - Folkets Ting: People's Court in swedish. - FunBack: for random proposals that can be fun. - Join Server Jury: the jury of who has broken the terms of service in any other group. Best regards: project lead Loke Hagberg, head of IT Emilio Müller, art director Lina Forsberg, and the rest of Kunlabori at 2020-07-21. Mikael Nordfors is the founder of liquid democracy and is the visionary for the entire project.