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i39: Suspension of Licence to Practice medicine for 12 months in UK by General Medical Council

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Hold the persons responsible for suspending the Licence Of Dr Mohammad I Adil to Practice medicine in the UK for 12 months accountable for a crime against the constitution!

Dr. Adil has been working for the National Health Services for the last 25 years. He is a consultant Surgeon with an unblemished track record for 35 years of practicing medicine.I was summoned by the General Medical Council on 25th May to attend Interim Order Tribunal on 01 June 2020 for the hearing related to my viewpoints of the Covid-19. He appeared before the court on 01/06/20 where IOT of the GMC suspended his license to practice for 12 months without giving him chance to defend himself. GMC did not provide his hearing bundle prior to the inquiry. He spoke over social media ( Youtube and Facebook) regarding Covid-19 contrary to the mainstream media. He was told by GMC that he brought the medical profession in dispute by speaking of the COVID19 situation against the government narrative. No clinical issues whatsoever.


Argument 1 He had no clinical concerns related to his patient care. He used his freedom of speech (article 10 ) for the human right to express his viewpoint over the COVID 19 and its far-reaching effects on the public. He had no issues related to his clinical practice or probity issues.

Argument 1: He had an unblemished record practicing medicine for 35 years. He had left no stone unturned to care for his patients.

Argument 2 He didn't use a hospital or Trust name to introduce himself. He critically questioned the far-reaching restriction on public personal, social, and economical crises due to the effects of lockdown. He witnessed serious health issues and undue deaths in nursing homes, care homes, and neglect at homes due to a lack of medical facilities and patient care. He stood for the cause of suffering by the patient's declined treatment by the GP surgeries, hospitals, and nursing homes. Unfortunately, 69000 elderly people died in nursing homes due to Lockdown, isolation, depression, and lack of medical facilities, and poor health care.

Argument 3: He stood for the cause of humanity and blew the whistle, resulting in his suspension and loss of his license to practice. He has a family with a wife and 3 school-going children. Hos license to practice shall be revoked ASAP. He was dismissed from his job .on 22/04/2020. He has been out of a job since then.

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