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i35: Should Tony Fauci and CDC be hold accountable for crimes against humanity?

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Hold Tony Fauci and CDC accountable for crimes against humanity

Fauci has been with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984 and he’s known among those on the inside as the guy who “poisoned an entire generation of Americans,” according to among else Robert F. Kennedy junior..


Argument 1

Dr Fauci has been part of covering up the side effects and have been silencing whistleblowers regarding the side effects of vaccines, thereby contributing to hundreds of thousands of severe vaccine injuries all over the world

Argument 2

According to Robert F Kennedy junior and Dr Judy Mikovits Fauci has attacked many other good guys who’ve tried to actually serve the public rather than shill for Big Pharma, Bill Gates, the mainstream media and other deep state assets and mouthpieces of deception and lies.

Argument 3

CDC and Tont Fauci has against better knowledge actively been spreading desinformation about possible cheap treatments for Covid 19 like hydroxychloroquine and actively promoted more expensive and untested treatments like Remdesivir and possible future vaccines, with the motive of increasing sales for the pharmaceutical industry. This has most likely resulted in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Argument 4

CDC and Tont Fauci has been spreading desinformation about the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease with co-infections, or Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome in order to secure the markets for symptom diminishing treatments like pain-killers and antidepressants, at the expense of millions of patients not getting hold of proper diagnosis and treatment.

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